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Quick Fat Loss Tip For You: Focus on ‘METABOLIC MOVEMENTS’, not simply ‘MUSCLES’ when training for fat loss results!


Just yesterday I posted the ABS Exercise of the Week Video, which was the barbell lumberjack press! Within a couple of minutes I had someone post a comment stating that it was a poor exercise and one he would not recommend. His argument was that it places too much work demand of the anterior deltoid and that as the load on the bar increases so too will the demand placed on the delt! He further went on to state that he much prefers to use isolated exercises for working his triceps, and that isolation work is vital for good tricep development.

Here’s The VIDEO From Yesterdays ‘ABS Exercise of The Week’

Nowhere in this video did I mention anything about this exercise being specifically for the triceps. It is a movement that works a huge amount of muscle, including the delts, triceps, cross abdominal strength and simultaneously challenges ones grip strength!

ISOLATION RULES… The gentleman stated that isolation exercises are VITAL for quality tricep development and I do agree… BUT, you must first earn the right to isolate. Far too many people are performing isolation based work before they have any right to do so. They are too weak to be performing isolated work across a single joint. Isolation exercises are the icing on the cake… you just have to make the cake first, before you apply the topping.

ISOLATION RULES is our next article due for publication in the December issue of Natural Muscle Magazine!

The gentleman also makes assumptions… the assumption that the athletic body system training philosophy is based on bodybuilding training methods… which is completely the opposite of what our philosophy is based on. We train and train our clients with a more athletic based training approach. We train movements, not muscles. We do not have a chest and tricep day, followed by a back and biceps day! There are more systems in the body that need to be addressed… we look at addressing all bodily systems, from the musculoskeletal system, to the neuromuscular system, energy systems and more!

I’m not going to go into much detail now, but I had previously wrote a blog post about training to target the bodies metabolic hot spots. All this means is that you train using exercises and training regimes that attack your bodies metabolic hot spots, which will give you the greatest bang for your buck…. allowing you to burn a boatload of calories within the workout and for hours and hours after the workout due to the fact that the muscle needs to expend a lot of energy in the repair process and due to a phenomenon called EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption).

IMPORTANT NOTE: When I post a youtube video or a video blog post with the ABS (Athletic Body System) Exercise of the Week, it is never (unless specifically stated) an exercise for a muscle or specific body part. My videos are almost always going to show exercises you can use for achieving better and faster fat loss results. My videos will show various exercises including the best metabolic movements using simple equipment and NO MACHINES!!!

OKAY rant time is now officially over!!! lol









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