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Hey guys, just a quick post for you today. Bryan and I are in the proccess of putting together a few new resources that will be available to you shortly as FREE Downloads.

We have already got a few resources out there, but we are going to make these even better and add a few new ones to the list.

Here’s a list of the reports we will be updating and the new ones we’ll be bringing to you in December!

Supplement Shockers (UPDATED VERSION)… Discover the ‘SHOCKING TRUTH’ about supplements, so you will never again be fooled by all the hype and nonsense that’s widespread within the supplement world. There’ll also be a section on health foods… aka the non-supplement supplements. AND… The ABS Supplement Ladder will teach you when to implement the use of certain supplements.

The ABS Meal Planner (UPDATED VERSION)… Simple strategies for planning your meals and snacks and other simple nutritional strategies for those looking to lean up, build muscle and sculpt an athletic looking physique.

The ABS Food Pyramid (NEW E-Manual)… A quick glimpse at the ABS Food Pyramid and how it will help you achieve your physique goals. You’ll see what foods/food groups make up the ABS Food Pyramid. This will be incorporated into The ABS Meal Planner report.

The ABS Formula (NEW E-Manual)… Discover The ABS Formula to developing a world class physique and killer six pack ABS!!! You’ll learn the truth about physique development once and for all.

The ABS Toolbox (NEW E-Manual)… The ABS Toolbox features the best ABS and fitness training tools, that you don’t see on TV! After all, the best tools are NOT seen on TV! 90% Plus of TV infomercial products do nothing to help you get ripped… and instead they rip you off. Not the tools inside The ABS Toolbox.

ABS EXPOSED (NEW E-Manual)… Discover the secrets the worldsbest athletes and fitness odels use to get their bodies athletically lean and competition ready! You’ll discover the top 13 secrets and why it’s so important for you to use these strategies to achieve your goals.

The BEAUTY of The BOOTY!!! (NEW E-Manual) ‘Bad ASS Exercises For a Bad Ass BOOTY’ This one is primarily for the ladies, and guys can use it if they are brave enough to do so.lol

How To Master The Single Hand Push Up (NEW E-Manual) A simple series of push up progressions and variations to help you master the single hand push up. Sample routines and 4 week training plan included.

I think this is a rather comprehensive list of resources, but feel free to add your comments below and tell us what you would like us to address, if it’s not listed here. Be as specific as possible. Thanks!








Ian Graham, ABS Co-Author and Physique Athlete
Sculpt Your WHOLE Life, Not Just Your BODY


  1. angloam says:

    I want that guide for the more … rotund person … and soon. 🙂

  2. livewelljcs says:

    Hi there. I received my video clips last week and just received another one today. I’m still having some trouble trying to figure out just where to start with the ABS system (I ordered it in September). I am training, but some of the terminology in certain PDF’s–I have no clue what they mean. I’ll await for a reply. Posted a similiar inquiry about 3 months ago and only a member replied. Thanks.-JCS

    • Hey… I don’t remember seeing anything previously posted in here from you, as I have to accept comments and always reply if a question is asked. I do remember replying to a comment on The ABS Network.

      Let me know what you are having trouble with? Feel free to email me at ian@athleticbodysystem.com and I’ll help you out with your questions.


    • JC says:

      Hello. In September, I posted on your ning.com site: an open question for all. I received one response. You are right. I never posted here because I wanted to wait for a reply and didn’t know about this blog until a couple of weeks after I posted.

      I ordered the system ($77.00 back then)in September. I’ll go back, find my questions and use your email address. Thx so much

      • YES taht would be great… plus the new version will be available post Christmas and you’ll receive this free andwe’re doing a lot to make it more user friendly. Video tutorials, etc.       Your lean body coach,Ian Graham, ABS Author and Physique Athlete’Sculpt Your Whole Life, Not Just Your Body’Are We Friends On The ABS Network??? Click Here To Join The ABS Network For FREE   Are We Friends on Facebook??? Click Here To Friend Me On Facebook   Follow Me On Twitter!!! Click Here To Follow My Tweets   Subscribe To The ABS YouTube Video Channel!!! Click Here To Subscribe To The ABS Channel    

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