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This is the BEST Body Transformation EXERCISE on The PLANET!

NO, it’s NOT about cardio and it’s got NOTHING to do with resistance training… Have YOU Performed This Body Transformation Exercise YET?

Here it is… Answer These 3 QUESTIONS:

  • What DO YOU want to ACHEIVE?
  • Why DO YOU want to ACHIEVE it?
  • How DO YOU plan to ACHIEVE it?

I’m guessing most of you want to smack me in the face as you were probably getting all excited about discovering some new ground-breaking, kick ass exercise. SORRY to disappoint you, but we all need to stop looking for the exercise HOLYGRAIL.

There’s no exercise that’s that powerful to be honest, but taken the time to answer these questions honestly and becoming emotionally attached is extremely powerful and the 1st step to success as you look to transform your body!

1: What DO YOU Want To Achieve??? Be very clear and specific with this one. Saying ‘I want to lose weight or build muscle’ is not being very clear or specific. How much weight (fat) do you want to lose, how much muscle do you want to build? What type of physique or look are you chasing, etc??? Do you want to feel better and function better as well as looking better?

2: Why DO YOU Want To Achieve It? This is the most important question of all 3 and the one you need to spend most time on answering. This is the make or break question. KEEP ASKING YOURSELF WHY… Why do you want to build muscle, burn fat, become healthier, look better, etc. Because you want better health and to have more energy? GREAT… next question… WHY do you want to have better health and more energy??? KEEP ASKING WHY, until you reach your emotional trigger point! You need to become emotionally attached to your why!

3: How DO YOU Plan To Achieve It? Now that you know what you want to achieve and have a strong reason for wanting to achieve it, it’s time for you to answer how you are going to achieve it and plan out the detailed action steps you are going to take… to make it happen! Not to try or attempt making in happen…

BUT the STEPS you will take to GUARANTEE your SUCCESS!!!

ALSO… along with these action steps you will also need to attach a timeline. A realistic time frame to achieve your desired goal(s), making sure the timeline is challenging. Goals with timelines attached that are not very challenging are just as bad as goals with unrealistic timelines.









Ian Graham, ABS Co-Author and BEST Body Award Winner
Sculpt Your WHOLE Life, Not Just Your BODY

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