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I am delighted to tell you that this weeks ‘Fitness Body Interrogation’ is with the beautiful and highly successful 2009 Fitness Universe Champion, Brooke Griffin of


Let’s jump on in to this ‘Fitness Body Interrogation’ with Brooke. I hope you enjoy the interrogation and find her words inspiring to you!

Name: Brooke Griffin

Quick Bio:  The 2009 Fitness Universe Champion, personal trainer, wellness coach and author of the bridal fitness program and the healthy holiday guide. 

Hometown: Corbin, Kentucky 

Current Location: Cincinnati, Ohio


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2009 Fitness Universe Champion, Former NFL Cheerleader, Former National Champion University of Kentucky Cheerleader

Vital Statistics:

  • Hair Colour:  Blonde      
  • Eye Colour:  Brown
  • Height: 5′ 4″     
  • Weight: 120lbs
  • Chest: 34c
  • Waist: 25
  • Hips: 32
  • 3221_81232060933_81229770933_2479183_780285_n Brooke… Tell us a little bit about your background? Did you play sports as a youngster and what was it that led you to become a fitness competitor and fitness professional?  

    BG: I have played sports most of my life, I was involved in gymnastics at a very early age and then was a cheerleader, ran track and field, and played golf.  My active background is what lead to me getting involved in fitness. Lifestyle habits for getting and staying lean and sexy… Apart from training and nutrition, tell us about the lifestyle (habits) required to achieve and maintain a lean and sexy body. Obviously you don’t smoke, but would you ever consume alcohol… and what about junk food (pure cheat meals), do you ever indulge in these…. as I know you spend a lot of time in the kitchen making ‘CLEAN’ treats!

    BG: I think everything is ok in moderation.  I do not smoke and only drink on occasion.  I love having a weekly cheat meal which usually includes one of the following: Mexican, pizza, ice cream, or candy!  I also love to cook which makes it easier to live a healthy lifestyle. 











   How important do you feel quality sleep, stress management and social support is for someone, especially a female, who’s looking to take control of their health, lose weight and ultimately carve out a lean and sexy physique?

    BG: I think it is so important to live a well balanced lifestyle including getting enough sleep, avoiding stress, and being around friends and family. Confidence gained and lifestyle enhancement. From reading your blog posts, watching your youtube videos, as well as seeing you on stage it’s clear to see that you have developed a fantastic physique and are a perfect representation for your personal training business. I am 100% confident that you have the look all of our female readers would love to have… and you are also come across as a very confident and humble individual. How important do you think being fit and healthy and seeing ‘visual’ results are in developing and maintaining ones confidence? 

    BG: I think it is extremely important….when you see “visual” results you are then motivated and inspired to continue on living your healthy lifestyle, however, I truly believe that a big part of my confidence comes from the way I feel on the inside….I am very happy and grateful for the opportunities and many blessings I have had. 

    12143_189425115933_81229770933_3978594_6550715_n Planning and Goal Setting… How much planning do you put into your programming and nutrition? Do you plan out your workouts well in advance and do you pencil in planned days off and would you ever plan a week off? And what about goal setting… is it that important? 

    BG: I think planning is key to ones success.  I plan out everything!  My workouts, nutrition program, things to do…….I can not stress this enough to my clients, planning and goal setting is a big part of anyones success in this industry. Nutrition and taste bud satisfaction… When it comes to ‘eating clean to get lean’ a lot of people assume they must eat boring and bland foods. I think a lot of this comes from how bodybuilders and fitness competitors diet down for shows. What’s your take on eating clean and what do you do to keep your taste buds satisfied?… I know you have some awesome recipes and share loads via your YouTube video Channel 

    BG: I completely disagree that you have to eat boring and bland foods.  There are so many options available!  I try to share this with others as I love to cook and it only takes experimenting with different ingredients and thinking out of the box.  I would not have it any other way…..I enjoy how eating clean makes me feel! Nutritional madness… Counting calories and weighing food… Do you make your clients weigh their food and count calories? Or do you have them use and implement simpler strategies? Also, are there any nutritional myths you find people still fall for when it comes to nutrition for fat loss and physique development? 

    BG: I try not to count calories or have my clients count calories unless of course they are training for a show and down to their last few weeks.  I rather try to educate my clients on portion sizes, and portion control.  The one myth that I still hear and see is that fat-free is better….. not so!  Our bodies need a little fat and when something is fat-free it usually has sugars, carbs, or other ingredients added to it for flavour which are equally or sometimes worse! Supplements… Personally I think there’s a limited number of ‘EFFECTIVE’ supplements on the market today and find that most people don’t have their training or nutrition in order… or consistent enough to validate their use of supplementation. What’s your take on supplements and do you have certain rules or guidelines people must meet before they start to supplement?… Are there any supplements or health foods you personally recommend? 

    BG: I completely agree with the fact that there are a limited number of “Effective” supplements on the market.  I am supplement free and do not recommend supplements to my clients.  I do believe that some of them may work but I like to stick to healthy eating and exercise. 

    9125_142520748099_693063099_2658244_5021495_n Training… Tell us a little bit about your training approach to training and sculpting a lean and sexy feminine figure? Share with us how you train yourself and your clients? 

    BG: I do a ton of interval training…..and then of course I use resistance training but for myself and most of my clients I stick to lighter weights and tons of reps and try to combine these exercises with a form of intense interval training to burn fat. Not only do you have a stunning physique but you are also a stunning lady and always well groomed… do you have any make up and beauty tips for our female readers?

    BG: I love mascara and never leave home without it!  My fav right now is Dior Show.  The best beauty advice I ever received was to always Smile….so true….everyone always looks better with a smile! What’s your favourite…

    Exercise to perform? I have a love/hate relationship with dead lifts

    Body part to train? Shoulders

    Physique(s) you admire? I love Alicia Marie

    Food? Anything Mexican

    Cheat food? Pizza

    Drink? Margarita

    Place to visit? Jade Mountain Resort, St. Lucia

    TV Show?  The Office and The Real Housewives of Atlanta

    Activity to do? I love to golf

    Website: You just put together a FREE resource called ‘The Healthy Holiday Guide’… tell us a little about what’s inside of that and where people can grab a copy for themselves? 


    BG:Yeah….so I know how hard it is to eat good and exercise during the Holidays so I worked really hard to put together a program that everyone could do during the holidays.  You can download the program for free which includes a grocery list, meal plans, and workouts that you can do at home or wherever you may be travelling to this Holiday Season!  The website is Any closing words of wisdom for our readers? 

    BG: I will leave everyone with my fav quote….I think this is perfect for not only achieving your goals in the health and fitness industry but in life as well “Instead of giving myself reasons why I can’t, I give myself reasons why I can.” Author unknown

    I hope you enjoyed this interview with Brooke. Be sure to grab her FREE Healthy Holiday Guide at and go ahead and check out her main website at









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