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Males VERSUS Females and WHO Has The RIGHT Mindset???

Just a quick post before I run out to grab some food and some paper for the printer. Hate when I run outta printer paper when I NEED to print a lot of

I want to discuss the differences in males and females when it comes to looking better and the differences in mindset between both sex’s. The goal should always be to LOOK BETTER… who cares how much or how little you weigh.

Most GUYS usually get way too hooked into wanting to gain weight or hit the magical 200lbs marker, rather than focusing on doing what they need to do in order to look better. Weighing more doesn’t mean you’ll look better fellas. FACT!!! Focus on building muscle, burning body fat, dropping inches from your waistline and manboobs… and don’t be fooled into thinking you are making great progress because the number on the weighing scale is going up each week… it’s going up because your waistline and bodyfat is going up. You’re not making gains, your gaining weight, FAT weight… and if you’re lucky maybe a tiny bit of muscle.

Most FEMALES on the other hand get way too caught up in their weighing scale obsession and see that as their only means of monitoring and evaluating how well they are progressing. BIG MISTAKE LADIES!!! Again, who cares how little you weigh… if I’m going to take you out ona  date I’m not worried about how much you weight or what dress size you are. If you look good, that’s all the matters to me, and more importantly that’s all that should matter to you. I know I’m not female (at least I don’t think I but I see far too many women focus on the wrong things. The wrong exercises, the wrong routines, the wrong nutritional approach and most importantly… evaluating progress the wrong way!

I remember asking a lady before would she prefer to saty the same weight, but change her body composition and end up looking leaner and sexier… or would she prefer to drop a few lbs but not look as good. She struggled to answer and when she did, she told me she wanted to lose a few more lbs. Thing is, this girl was a stunningly attractive hair dresser and personally the only way I believe she could end up looking any better is by actually adding a little muscle to certain areas of the body. Loosing more weight would result in her loosing muscle she can’t afford to lose and a look I am sure she would be unhappy with.

Training Mindset: While I’m discussing the differences between males and females, I want to talk about how guys let ego get in the way when training… focusing too much on the load placed on the bar, working the mirror muscles, using shit technique and doing too little metabolic (REAL fat loss training, not traditional cardio) work!

Females on the other hand often display reall good exercise form and focus, but they focus too much on working their trouble spots, using the wrong selection of exercises, using weights that are so light I wouldn’t call what they are doing as ‘RESISTANCE TRAINING’, and spending too little time lifting over all and too much time slogging their asses off on the cardio machines.

OKAY rant over… post your comments below. THANX









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